The Knowne World Courtesans are a free confederation of SCA members who have chosen to portray a historical sex worker, their patron, or a member of their entourage. We support each other in our studies and our goals to fight whorephobia and to educate on taboo and marginalized subjects in the world before 1600 CE.

If you’re already a member, click on the harts above to read a selection of posts and articles relevant your interests within KWC. If you’re not, we’re glad you’re here! Please enjoy the resources we’ve made available, whether that’s scholarly articles or pictures from our events. We hope we can change your conception of life in the world before 1600 CE. We hope that knowledge empowers and inspires you in your modern life.

A great place to get started is our compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can delve a little deeper by reading the articles we’ve tagged KWC101. It’s kinda like our FAQ in long form. KWC members with a website account will be able to access private members only information to help them in their SCA journey.

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